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What Makes Members Different? Members are different because. . .

Members receive The Financial Information Report

A big WFA value prepared annually. This detailed report includes data on sales, assets, net profit, compensation, steel usage, compares net income to owners equity, sales, total assets, accounts receivable and inventory. Also, current and quick ratios, plus sales per employee. Available to participating members only!

Members receive The Labor Review Report and Safety Survey Report

The Labor Review Report is a comprehensive data and statistical report for the prior calendar year with composite data from members on personnel breakdown, hourly wages, rates for various job classes, overtime differentials, incentive pay plans, shift differentials, fringes, insurance data, vacation — and much more. The Safety Survey Report tracks such information in managerial structure/support, statistical data, training/implementation/measurement, compliance, and incentive categories. The Labor Review is conducted in even years and the Safety Survey is in odd years.

Members are invited to all Business Meetings

Fabricator Membership Investment Schedule
(Based on number of employees)

1-100 $200 $750 $950
101 AND OVER $400 $1000 $1400

Networking, information exchange and expert speakers help make these one to three day events so valuable that wire fabricating companies can’t afford not to attend! WFA typically meets three times annually. Members are invited to participate in The Economic Roundtable – At all meetings, 60-90 minutes is allocated for reporting on current economic conditions and prospects for the next quarter and beyond. This may be your best return on time and money anywhere.

Members are invited to attend Plant Tours

On-site tours of fabricators’ facilities are a regular feature of the WFA meetings. New ideas, new equipment review, cost cutting techniques and open discussions help members survive and prosper in the fiercely competitive global economy. To start receiving the membership benefits of WFA, all you have to do is complete and return this invitation.

Associate Membership (Waiting list only, please contact Roseanne Hoban)

Associate Membership Suppliers to the wire fabricating industry provide a vital role in the WFA membership. Limited to just twelve supplier companies, the associate membership allows key industry players to participate in the organization through attendance at all meetings. Associate member presentations are made often and networking opportunities remain tremendously valuable.